T-Cart Framing & Gallery
Thomas D. Carmon

Artist Statement

Thomas Carmon (born 1956 in De Smet South Dakota), graduated from
Colorado State University with a degree in Arts, Humanities, and Social
Sciences.  After college he joined the United States Army, where he served  
four years as a medic.

After his discharge from the Army Thomas moved to Orlando Florida.   Today
Thomas continues to work on improving his skills as an artist.  

The choice of nature’s flowers was just a coincidence; it was a topic that he
had used to develop his style of blending the paints for color and texture.  
He uses acrylics and oils as his mediums.  His work is created on panel
board as well as stretched canvas.  He has a love for Impressionism, and
continually strives for that feeling into his own personal artistry.
Self Portrait
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